manual pics


Inserting into your ears
Roll and compress the foam part of the product between your fingers (Picture
A). Pull the top of the ear outward and upward, this is best achieved by holding
the ear with your opposite hand, your arm placed around the back of the head
(Picture B).
Gently push and twist the foam part into the ear until it sits comfortably in the ear
canal. Whilst holding in position allow the foam to expand for at least 45 seconds
in order to form a good seal with the ear canal.
When the product is in position, tap gently with a finger on the outside of the hole
in the plastic part. If you hear a ‘base drum sound effect’, this is an indication of
correct sealing. If placed to deeply in the ear canal, the expanding pressure of
the foam may cause some discomfort. Repeat the fitting procedure if needed.
Removing from your ears
Remove the product with a slow twisting motion to gradually break the seal with
the ear canal. This also eliminates any discomfort that may be felt during removal.
Cleaning and storage
Clean the product after each use to remove earwax (cerumen) and other debris.
The product may be cleaned with a water dampened clean cloth. Do not clean
with alcohol-based cleaning solutions, soaps or detergents. Allow to dry before
use. Always store the product in a clean protective case or bag. Do not store with
other objects.